Working Habits That Affect Your Career

Why most people automatically think habits are always bad?

They aren’t bad. The truth is we have many habits in our life that help us get through the day without suffering from complete brain exhaustion. A lot of people are working from home because of global pandemic crisis. This is a challenging for everyone. Shift from an office to home setting can be, especially that it all happened too fast–which brought us to the point that we ask ourselves if we are ready for it or if we have the means to do it.

As working from home becomes part of the new normal. The foundation of trust between Owners, Managers and Employees becomes stronger than ever. Employees are held accountable for their actions as it is harder to supervise workers with the work from home set up. However, the freedom can cause workers to develop bad habits.
These habits will most likely affect more than just your career goals but the goals of the company if many employees suffer from these habits.

Let’s take a look at some bad habits that you want to avoid:

1. Negative Attitudes and Influences

Resisting change or being inflexible in helping others doesn’t promote teamwork. Companies need to find creative ways to improve productivity on working at home and this may require a change to something you do or something that affects you. Being open to the suggestions or even better being helpful in making those improvements will not only improve the company but you will become a team player in the eyes of the company.

Engaging in negative discussion, including office gossip, isn’t healthy either. Those negative influences not only affect the way you think about your job and the people you work with, but they will also negatively affect the perception people have of you. It is always best to distance yourself politely from those negative influences.


How to get rid of Negativity and Improves Productivity

Spending time being a positive influence and less time around negative influences improves your focus on the tasks required at work. You are clearing out that negative brain clutter and making room for productive activity that keeps you focused on the tasks required. In addition, when you are open to improvements you are improving your overall growth mindset.

2. Being too distracted while working

There are so many distractions when working from home–house chores, children or pets. It is hard to stay focused in the same environment where you relax. There are tendencies that those who are working from home might be less productive than working in the office

3. Multitasking

Multitasking and how it hurts the brain. Multitasking is one of the worst habits many people suffer from. Especially now that most people working at home. For years people prided themselves on being able to multitask. The truth is multitasking trains the brain to lose focus easily.

Have you ever been in a meeting with a person that was on their laptop doing other work, or on their phone? Was the meeting productive? Chances are they were asked to be at the meeting for a reason and not having them fully focused made that meeting an inefficient use of everyone’s time.

This is the end result everytime you decide to distract yourself by multitasking. You are making yourself more inefficient and it is taking you more time to complete individual tasks. Work build up because of long-term inefficiency will result in feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.


How To Eliminate Multitasking and Improves Productivity

When you practice single tasking you are becoming more mindful of yourself and others around you. Tasks will become easier over time and your productivity will improve. Being able to accomplish this new habit is one of the best ways to clear the clutter in the brain and focus on what matters.

4.Taking advantage of the privileges

Abusing the privileges of working from home. As working from home gives you the freedom to do anything you want during work hours, some people abuse it by working less. Reality is, some people tend to miss out on the little things without realizing the convenience of working from home, like not having to commute on hot days and being able to save more since you just spend most of your days at home.

5. Slacking off

Another bad habit is developing the mindset of “no one’s watching anyway”. Once you develop this mindset, you will start doing less and less until you don’t finish your work at all. Since you’re working from home, you might think that it’s okay to watch Netflix or that Korean drama you have been wanting to watch. But those are distractions that hinder you from being productive while working from home, and yes, it is considered as slacking off.

How will you improve life at work?

As they say, bad habits are hard to break, but once these bad habits are recognized by you, you will take action on correcting them especially when it affects your overall performance when working. Start making small changes to sort through the chaos of life. Making small changes bit by bit will have long-term positive impacts and will simplify life.

Find positive ways ,  this will help you stop doing the old habit when you find yourself in the situation, and replace the old habit with the new positive habit. Be consistent and make it a personal game for yourself. Rewarding yourself for using the new routines instead of following old habits. Always keep in mind that developing these bad habits only make working from home more challenging than it already is.

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